Christopher Cross Releases "Take Me As I Am"

Christopher Cross "Take Me As I Am"

Christopher Cross "Take Me As I Am"

I got a call earlier this year from Billy and Dodee at Blue Rock Studios in Wimberley, TX asking if I would be interested in mixing the new Christopher Cross record. If you remember Christopher has had several hit songs in the past. I was really excited to hear what he was up to and the sound of the record. Christopher and I had a call about how to approach the mixing process. We both agreed the Rupert Neve Designs 5088 analog desk would really add the warmth and clarity that he was looking for on the final mix. This record was interesting because it wasn't a traditional pop vocal record. It has a bunch of space for the instruments to shine and Christopher hired some of the best in the business to perform on this record. If you're looking for some tunes with amazing players to chill and kick back check it out.


Drums – Keith Carlock
Bass – Will Lee
Sax – Andy Suzuki
Keyboards – Eddy Hobizal
Vocals on “Down to The Wire” – Erin Ivey
Vocals on “Baby It’s All You” – Kim Parent,
Marcia Ramirez, and Britt Savage
Vocals on “Truth” – Gigi Worth






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