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Mixing Engineer Services

There are three different services for mixing I can offer.

1. I mix at a recording studio of my choice that has what I need for a quality mix with you attending the session. 

2. I mix at a recording studio of your choice and come to your location to mix with you attending the session.

3. You send me files and I mix the songs, then send them back for your approval. This would be the most cost effective way to work. Some call this mixing online and online mixing. working remotely.

Either way I mix until you are happy and approve the mix. For online mixing you can hire me through Sound Better or contact me directly.





Recording Studio Services

My role as a recording engineer is very similar to the mixing engineer roles. 

1. We record at a recording studio of my choice that I feel is best for you and your project and budget. 

2. We record at a recording studio of your choice and I come to your location to work with you.

3. If you're a producer and just need me to collaborate and serve as your engineer I can do that as well. We work where ever you need me to work. 


Producing Services

As far as a producing role this depends on how much involvement you want me to have. In a normal producing role I will help you from beginning to end with everything from the budget to choosing players as well as studios. All the way to mastering and distribution of our work together. I will want to meet with you to see if it will be a good fit for both of us. Then discuss the producing rate for either a per song or per album rate. 



Vinyl Records

Also check out my side business where we make lathe cut vinyl records.






Chris has mixed for me the most beastly tracks I could have imagined. His mixing is the identifying mark of this record. They ooze spirit, taste, tone and magic. Very fast, professional and easy to work with and an intense attention to detail like no other. I’ll have Chris mix every future record until he stops taking my calls.

-Lincoln Durham